2010 MEC Annual Conference

“Media Education in the Digital Age”

November 2-5,2010

Hong Kong Baptist University

The 2nd Annual MEC Conference took place from November 2-5, 2010 at Hong Kong Baptist University on the occasion of HKBU’s Fourth Annual Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop. As part of the PPWW and USCET’s JIR program, USCET had the opportunity to bring Pulitzer Prize Winners Deborah Nelson and Shai Oster to Hong Kong. Participants in the MEC Conference had the opportunity to attend various sessions of the PPWW in addition to the Roundtables on Environmental Journalism and New Media.

The Media Education in the Digital Age Roundtable featured speakers Deb Nelson of the University of Maryland Philip Merrill School of Journalism, Zhou Nailing of Tsinghua University’s Global Business Journalism Program, and Jacqui Banaszynski of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

The Roundtable on the Teaching and Practice of Environmental Journalism again featured Deb Nelson of the University of Maryland Philip Merrill School of Journalism along with Shai Oster of the Wall Street Journal, and was chaired by Victor Fung of Hong Kong Baptist University.

US Consul-General Stephen Young and Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang spoke at the Opening Ceremony. CS Tang said, “This Workshop will discuss, among other things, the challenges of new technology and changing attitudes in society and the need for reporters to hold onto core principles of integrity, independence and public service.”  The PPWW Forum, Holding True to Old Media Values in a New Media World, featured seven Pulitzer Prize-winners with interesting discussion and a lively Q&A session about what makes a good journalist in China.

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第二届MEC年会于2010年11月2日至5日在香港浸会大学举行,是香港浸会大学第四届普利策奖得主工作坊(Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop)。作为PPWW和USCET JIR项目的一部分,USCET有机会将普利策奖得主Deborah Nelson和 Shai Oster带到香港。除了环境新闻和新媒体圆桌会议外,MEC会议的与会者还有机会参加PPWW的各种会议。

“数字时代圆桌会议”上的媒体教育演讲者有马里兰大学Philip Merrill新闻学院的Deb Nelson,清华大学全球商业新闻项目的Zhou Nailing和密苏里大学新闻学院的Jacqui Banaszynski

环境新闻的教学与实践圆桌会议再次邀请了马里兰大学Philip Merrill新闻学院的Deb Nelson与《华尔街日报》的Shai Oster共同出席,由香港浸会大学Victor Fung 担任主席。

美国总领事Stephen Young和香港政务司司长Henry Tang在开幕式上致辞。Henry Tang说:“这次研讨会将讨论新科技带来的挑战和社会态度的转变,以及记者需要坚守诚信、独立和公共服务的核心原则。” PPWW论坛“在一个新的媒体世界里坚守着传统的媒体价值”,会有七名普利策奖得主与与会者展开有趣的讨论和精彩的问答环节,讨论在中国应该如何成为一名优秀的记者。