Programs on American Governance foster an atmosphere of greater knowledge and understanding in the US-China relationship. They supplement traditional book learning through an interactive exchange between US and Chinese experts and Chinese participants, and they enhance the appreciation of the American political process.

USCET established China’s first Congressional Studies Program, including a Congressional Practicum, in 2001. Interest in the Congressional Practicum led to a second generation of programs, which took the form of Legislative Training sessions and assisted provincial Party Congresses in develop skills related to creating and modifying laws. On the occasion of U.S. Presidential Elections, USCET has organized Elections programs in 2004, 2008, and 2012 that have focused on debates and candidates, as well as the role of political parties. Programs like these, often delivered in concert with Chinese partners such as the Central Party School, fulfill an important aspect of USCET’s mission to improving US-China relations through education and exchange for China’s next generation leaders.

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