Our Mission: To promote US-China relations through education and exchange for next-generation leaders.

“The most important bilateral relationship in the world is between the United States and China. If these two countries don’t get along, the world doesn’t have a hope or a prayer.”

So declared Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch in 1998, while conducting seminars with top students at Peking University as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. Her conviction is even stronger now, as the US-China Education Trust celebrates 20 years of promoting its three transformative principles: knowledge; understanding; and cooperation.

Today, 73 Chinese academic institutions are affiliated with USCET through the American Studies Network and the Media Education Consortium, giving professors greater understanding to teach knowledgeably about the US. “Tomorrow’s leaders come from the university-educated, and the faculty has the greatest multiplier effect,” said Ambassador Bloch of USCET’s expanding academic influence and its ties to major Chinese political and policy institutions.

USCET is unique among organizations involved in US-China relations in its focus on serving China’s scholars, professionals and future leaders with resources in concert with their own institutions. USCET projects build confidence, basic understanding, and trust between China and the United States through support for American Studies, Media Education, and American Governance programs at China’s leading academic and policy institutions. USCET helps China’s next-generation leaders understand American society in the context of the political, cultural, and economic forces that have given rise to America and its values.