About the US-China Education Trust

USCET promotes US-China relations by strengthening mutual understanding through conferences, exchanges, and seminars. We focus on partnering with Chinese higher education institutions that carry out research in American Studies and teach China’s next generation about the US. By helping develop a better understanding of America, our programs lay the groundwork for more trusting and informed relations in the 21st century.

Since 1998, USCET has had many talented young people walk through its doors. These people have contributed to the promotion of US-China relations while as an integral part of USCET, as a participant of our programs, and as future leaders in the promotion of US-China relations. USCET’s Alumni E-News will tell the stories of these alumni and their impact on fostering better bilateral relations.

Over the past twenty years we’ve seen dramatic ups and downs in US-China relations; we’re in the midst of one today. And through all of that, USCET has been able to sustain our programs in China. We have an incredibly strong network of partners stretching from academia to media and beyond, and the bonds of trust we’ve built with them have been vital.

Julia Chang Bloch, USCET’s Founder


USCET programs would not be possible without our many supporters. USCET’s programs play an important role in bridging the gap in understanding between the US and China, promoting US-China relations through education and exchange. Opportunities to make a positive impact are limited only by imagination and resources. Please consider making a gift to USCET today.