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What Our Former Interns Have to Say…

During my year at USCET, I had the opportunity to interact with scholars and experts from both countries, at events with topics ranging from Asian American women leaders in higher education, to Nixon’s lasting impact on the U.S.-China relations. USCET’s prioritization of people to people exchanges extends into their work environment, so even through a time when we could only work remotely, I was able to meet and work with each member of the USCET team, knowing their faces and names. I was included in all staff meetings, and my opinion was valued. As an intern, this allowed me insight into the dynamics of non-profit workplace, and an even more unique insight into the dynamics of the U.S.-China relationship.

Chloe Bohn, Spring 2022

My internship at USCET helped me develop both academically and professionally, allowing me to meaningfully explore a wide array of topics ranging from US-China cultural diplomacy to maritime security in South Asia. This was only made possible through USCET’s dynamic team of industry experts and professionals from whom I received extensive hands-on experience. Most of all, USCET has inspired me to pursue a career in education exchange, opening doors for me far beyond my time as an intern.

Isabella McCallum, Spring 2021

“The days I spent with USCET were one of my favorite and cherished experiences during college. I love the family-like atmosphere here, and so much I have learned here. An international affairs student myself, I focused more on the political or policy-related aspect in U.S.-China relationship, but from the time at USCET I got an unprecedented understanding of how education serves as a pillar in people-to-people exchange, and how it worked during different periods of the bilateral relationship. This is a lifetime memory that I will always carry with me, and the very professional but also caring working style I learned here is one of my best priceless lessons.”

Chuyun Hu, Spring 2020

“It has been an adventurous learning experience and an honor working with such an amazing team at USCET in furthering US-China educational exchanges. USCET has given me countless opportunities to develop my professional and personal life. Most importantly, working with USCET during a time of a pandemic and political unrest, has made me realize and appreciate the power that rests in the younger generation, in us, to find the “issue” we are passionate about and work together to build a more understanding and positive world to live in for years to come. USCET’s work has taught me that there is no “I” but a “We” in committing yourself to something greater than yourself.

Yi Lin, Summer 2020

“Through my internship at USCET, I had the opportunity to work on many different projects and programs for the organization, allowing me to build up my skills set in a way not possible at a larger organization. The small office environment and hands-on work meant that I was able to interact with many different figures in US-China relations and academics at universities across China. This was truly an extraordinary experience which will allow me to launch a lifetime career working with China. Thank you Ambassador Bloch and USCET for this opportunity!”

Trenton Marsolek, Spring 2020