With a mission of promoting US-China relations through education and exchange for China’s next-generation leaders, education is at the heart of all of USCET’s programs. Our programs support greater understanding of the history and value of education relations between the US and China, and are bringing students from the US and China together to find common ground.

Chinese Student Experiences in America Project

To better understand the history and experiences of Chinese students in the United States, USCET conducted a survey of former Chinese students in 2022/23. The result were analyzed in a comprehensive report done by USCET and the UC San Diego’s China Data Lab in 2023. USCET is also holding virtual and in-person events to raise awareness of this important topic.

Survey of Chinese Student Experiences

Summary: Three Decades of Chinese Students in America

Full UCSD-USCET Report on Chinese Students in America

Event Recap- The Role of Chinese Students in America

Event Recap- Chinese Students in America: Still Caught in the Crosshairs?

Students Finding Common Ground Project

The US-China Education Trust, in cooperation with Tsinghua University and George Washington University, launched a project to bring American and Chinese fellows together, working on areas where US-China cooperation is urgently needed in an era of competition and tension between the two countries.

Project Details

Project Mentors

Participating Students

Project Blogs

Presentation from the Nature Conservancy

Event Recap-Increasing US Student Mobility to China: US-China University Workshop

The number of American students in China has dropped dramatically in recent years and is climbing only slowly post-pandemic. An issue of importance to educators in both countries, almost 600 people registered for the virtual event, including representatives from more than 150 American and Chinese universities.

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