Asian American Author Series

November 2012 to Present

Program Area:

Program Goal

To deepen Chinese scholars' understandings about the multiethnic American society and life of Asian Americans.

The Asian American Author Series brings outstanding Asian American authors to Chinese audience to introduce their literary works and talk about the experiences of American multiculturalism. 

Cheryl Tan, a New York-based journalist and author, was the fourth author featured in this series.  In early May 2018, Tan spoke at several locations including at East China Normal University, Beijing American Center, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Hopkins Nanjing, and Literary Shanghai. 

The Asian American Author Series launched in November 2012 with award-winning Chinese American author Gish Jen. The program was held at InfoUSA@BFSU, the USCET-Beijing Foreign Studies University American Cultural Centers. Shawn Wong, a pioneer in Asian American Literature, traveled to Beijing and Changchun in May, 2013, as the second author in the series.  In 2017, the Asian American Author Series returned with Chinese American journalist and writer Helen Zia. Zia spoke at a number of locations in China including at InfoUSA@BFSU, Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, and New York University Shanghai.

With this program, USCET hopes to expand Chinese students and scholars' knowledge about particular ethnic groups living in the U.S., as another important way to understand America.  The four authors spoke of the Asian American experience, about stereotypes, discrimination, and perceptions.  They tried to inspire Chinese audiences to think of America in new perspectives, which may not be widely known to people in China today.








  • US Embassy, Beijing


  • Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Northeast Normal University

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