Central Party School

USCET has cooperated with the Institute for International Strategic Studies (IISS) of the Central Party School in Beijing to host Symposiums on topics of mutual interest. American delegates to these conferences include foreign-policy scholars from America's leading universities and think tanks, as well as former government officials. Conference discussions foster greater mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's foreign policy strategy and further advance arguments for increased collaboration to address challenges of global importance.

2017: US Elections: President Trump, Congress, and the Future of US-China Relations

2016: Fall Elections Institute: Understanding American Politics and its Electoral System

2015: New Model of Major Power Relations: Next Generation Voices

2011: Smart Power & US-China Relations

2009: 30 Years of Sino-US Relations: Looking Forward

2007: The US Congress and China's Peaceful Rise

2006: The US Congress and Cross-Strait Relations