Media Education Consortium Annual Conferences

The MEC Annual Conference is an integral part of connecting MEC members to each other and facilitating a dialogue about the media and media education best practices through both plenary sessions and smaller discussions, panels, and training sessions. The annual gatherings focus attention on key issues, such as the impact of commercialization on the media, new media versus traditional journalism, and meeting the challenges of a changing media market.  USCET sponsors prominent American and international journalists, who bring a unique perspective to the proceedings, to keynote the conferences, along with seasoned Chinese journalists and media educators.

USCET believes that the multiplier effect of annual conferences is significant, as faculty return to their universities with broadened horizons and new ideas that affect their approach to teaching of the next generation of Chinese journalists.

MEC Annual Conference Recaps:

2019: Innovation of Media in the Digital Age: Liberal Education, Integrative Education, and Smart Education – Wuhan University
2017: Data in Society – Wuhan University
2015: Media and US-China Summitry – Communication University of China
2012: Media in US Politics and 2012 Elections – Shanghai International Studies University
2011: Changing Media, Changing China – Sun Yat-Sen University
2010: Media Education in the Digital Age – Hong Kong Baptist University
2009: Media Education Consortium Launch and Conference – Wuhan University
2008: Symposium on Global Journalism Education Reform – Tsinghua University
2007: MEC Organizations Meetings – Renmin University and Tsinghua University