Journalist in Residence

USCET’s groundbreaking Journalist in Residence (JIR) program enables Chinese students, professors, and media professionals to interact first-hand with prominent American journalists and provides valuable insight into how freedom of the press and freedom of speech have played a pivotal role in the US journalism profession and within our democratic society.

The inaugural Journalist-in-Residence session took place in May/June 2004, with Pulitzer Prize-winning political journalist David S. Broder.  Since then, USCET has brought Pulitzer Prize-winners Haynes Johnson, Bill Raspberry, broadcaster, Gwen Ifill, and award-winning journalists Jonathan Kaufman, Bernard Gwertzman, Deborah Nelson, Shai Oster, Jesse Eisinger, James Grimaldi, and Bill Adair to China as JIRs.

The JIR program has been contributing to better understanding of US-style journalism and of the interaction between the government and US journalists. Through events such as public lectures, roundtables, interviews and web events featuring the JIRs, the program has influenced the Chinese understanding of excellence in the field. In evaluations, Chinese students have expressed appreciation for the JIR program that allowed them to interact on a personal basis with a world-renowned journalist; an opportunity they would otherwise not have had.

USCET’s Award-Winning Journalists:

Journalist in Residence 2012 — James Grimaldi and Bill Adair
Journalist in Residence 2012 — Jesse Eisinger
Journalist in Residence 2010 — Deborah Nelson and Shai Oster
Journalist in Residence 2009 — Bernard Gwertzman
Journalist in Residence 2008 — Jonathan Kaufman
Journalist in Residence 2007 — Gwen Ifill
Journalist in Residence 2006 — Bill Raspberry
Journalist in Residence 2005 — Haynes Johnson
Journalist in Residence 2004 — David S. Broder