Emily Brignand

Emily Brignand is the Program Associate at US-China Education Trust where she provides communication and programmatic support and assists in the implementation of ongoing programs and the development of new initiatives.

Before joining USCET, Emily interned at various organizations, such as the 1882 Foundation, a U.S. Senate office, the Peace Corps, the Department of State, and Citizen Congress Watch. Throughout these experiences, Emily has cultivated invaluable insights and experience in U.S.-China relations and Asian American advocacy within governmental and non-profit spaces.

Emily graduated from American University with a B.A. in International Studies, concentrating in East Asian studies, and double minoring in Chinese and Music. She is excited to continue working with USCET and further contribute to the larger mission of strengthening US-China relations through education and exchange. 

艾美丽(Emily Brignand)是美中教育基金会(USCET)的项目助理,她在该机构提供传播和项目支持,协助正在进行的项目实施和新倡议的发展。