Data Journalism Workshop Begins at Fudan University

The US-China Education Trust (USCET) and Fudan University’s School of Journalism kicked off the Third Data Journalism Workshop in Shanghai earlier this week.

Jonathan Soma, Director of Lede Data Journalism Program at Columbia University and Yu Yan are leading the workshop in China. Participants will learn the fundamentals of data journalism and will gain skills in how best to use data in their journalism work.

Many of the individuals participating in the training work at organizations like China Central Television (CCTV) and the China Daily, and a few have come from as far as Singapore.

The trainers opened the workshop by explaining and introducing the basics of data journalism. Soma went on to explain that the same principles that apply to traditional journalism also apply to data journalism: one must   ask questions to find a story, verify information with secondary sources, and understand the subject’s background and point of view. He emphasized that one must trust data the same way one trusts a person – not 100%.

Participants will be continuing to learn the data journalism fundamentals throughout the week and they will also be putting that knowledge into practice as they work in groups to produce a data-based journalism piece on topics of their choosing.

The training wraps up on Thursday.


该工作坊由哥伦比亚大学里德数据新闻项目主管乔纳森·索玛(Jonathan Soma)和吕妍主持。参与学员将会学习数据新闻的基础以及如何有效地将数据融入到新闻工作中。