Study of the US Summer Institutes

USCET Summer Institutes provided Asian scholars of American Studies with the opportunity to experience the US firsthand.  Participants in the 2008 Institute were American Studies professors from China; the 2010 and 2011 Institutes were for East Asian Student Leaders from China, Japan, and Korea.

The summer programs brought next-generation academic and political leaders to the US to engage with American culture and expand their knowledge of global policy relations. The Institutes combined classroom discussions, expert panels, social outings, field trips, and a study tour to different parts of America into an exciting hands-on program that left participants with fresh and first-hand knowledge of the US.

Past Institutes

2011 Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy for East Asian Student Leaders

2010 Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy for East Asian Student Leaders

2008 All-China Summer Institute for the Study of the US for Chinese Professors of American Studies

Participant Quotes

“I have enlarged my scope of knowledge, deepened my understanding of USA and made friends with many wonderful American people.”
-2008 Summer Institute participant Lin Ai, Jiangnan University

“By talking with people who actually work for the US government and many other institutions, I learned the complexity as well as fascination in dealing with foreign affairs. I am back in university now, and I feel that my knowledge has increased greatly and enjoying discussions in the international relations class even more. I also restarted my studies for the national exam of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs next year.”
-2010 Summer Institute participant Yumi Tsubaki, Sophia University, Japan