2015 MEC Annual Conference

“Media and US-China Summitry”

Communication University of China – Beijing | June 12-13, 2015

On June 12 and 13, The US-China Education Trust proudly held its 5th Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference, hosted by the Communication University of China in Beijing. The June 12 and 13 events provided two distinct program opportunities: the Data Journalism Awards Lecture & Ceremony, followed by a full day Forum on Media and US-China Summitry.

With the support of the Media Development Initiative of the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), USCET organized the Data Journalism Competition and Awards program in China. The purpose of the competition was to encourage the growing field of data journalism by rewarding student excellence and contributing to best practices in the field.

The awards program celebrated both of the winning projects from the two-round competition.  The first round of the competition addressed the theme of Balancing Social Trust and Innovation in China’s Contemporary Society. Students Manxia Lee, Yuanchao Mao, and Haoyue Zhang from the Communication University of China, accepted the award for their group project The Social Confidence of Famous Universities in Project 985 and 211, which explores how reputational trust drives patterns of government investment in Chinese universities, shaping the distribution of China’s continuing development. The focus of the competition’s second round was China Goes Global: Local and International ImpactHao Jingya, a student from Beijing Foreign Studies University, received the award for her project “Shoulder a World of Grey- Struggle for China’s Only Child,” which draws attention to China’s aging population and examines the impact of China’s demographic change on its social, political, and economic development.

At the following dinner, participants enjoyed a presentation on the Development of Data Journalism and Best Practices, by Richard Dunham, Director of the Global Business Journalism Program and Professor of Multimedia Journalism at Tsinghua University.

With anticipation of President Xi Jinping’s State Visit to the United States in September, USCET prepared the 2015 5th Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference in order to help Chinese media educators, students, and practitioners to better understand US foreign policy, the importance of summits in US-China relations, and the relationship between the US government and the media. With the help of experts such as Michael Parks, Barbara Demick, Amy Celico, and Richard Dunham, the conference consisted of keynote presentations, two panels titled A Behind the Scenes Look at US-China Summits and The Role of the Media in US Foreign Policy, and Q&A sessions that stimulated in-depth discussion and analyses of such topics. The first keynote presentation focused on US Media Optics on the Summit, and was given by Michael Parks. The concluding keynote presentation was given by Barbara Demick, titled US- China Relations: Bringing the Story to Life. The conference also encouraged more and better foreign affairs reporting in China, with a specific interest in US-China relations. Along with promoting a better understanding these topics, another overarching objective of the MEC Conference was for participants to acquire a range of skills that can be used to empower journalists to operate effectively within the rapidly evolving industry.


Richard Dunham is the Director of the Global Business Journalism Program and professor of Multimedia Journalism at Tsinghua University. Dunham was previously the Washington bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle and Hearst Newspapers. He has served on the Steering Committee of The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press since 1999 and is a former chairman of the Steering Committee. Dunham has offered political analysis on major American television networks, including ABC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, the PBS News Hour and more. He has appeared on C-SPAN, the BBC, National Public Radio, ABC Radio, Fox News Channel and more than a dozen radio stations and networks all over the world.

Barbara Demick is the Beijing Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles Times. She is currently on leave to serve as the Edward R. Murrow Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations former Pulitzer Prize Finalist at The Los Angeles Times. She is the author of Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, which was awarded the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction and was a National Book Award Finalist for non-fiction, and won the National Book Critics Circle award for non-fiction. Demick has won numerous awards for her reporting, including the 2012 Shorenstein Award for Asia coverage, the Asia Society’s Osborn Elliot Prize for Excellence in Asian Journalism, the American Academy of Diplomacy’s Arthur Ross Award for Distinguished Reporting & Analysis on Foreign Affairs. Previously, she worked at The Philadelphia Inquirer, for which she won other awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Michael Parks is a professor and former director of the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California, whose journalism assignments have taken him around the globe, including reporting from China  between 1978-1984. In 1987, he earned the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. From 1997-2000, Mr. Parks served as editor of The Los Angeles Times, a period during which the Times garnered four additional Pulitzer Prizes. Mr. Parks has served as a juror for the Pulitzer Prize, Gerald Loeb Awards, ASNE Writing Awards, and the Selden Ring Award. His memberships include the American Society of Newspaper Editors, Council on Foreign Relations, Pacific Council on International Policy, International Press Institute, Asia Society, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Amy Celio is a Principal at Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG), leading the firm’s China & East Asia practice in Washington, D.C. and bringing more than 20 years of experience on issues in the region to her work with clients. Prior to joining ASG, Ms. Celico served as Senior Director for China Affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, where she was responsible for developing negotiating positions on issues related to China’s non-financial services sectors and intellectual property rights policies. She was also involved in developing trade policy positions for bilateral discussions with China through the Strategic Economic Dialogue and the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. Previously, Ms. Celico has served as Deputy Director of the Office of the Chinese Economic Area at the U.S. Department of Commerce; as an intelligence analyst in the Bureau of Research and Intelligence at the U.S. State Department; and as a Vice Consul for economic affairs at the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai. Prior to her government service, Ms. Celico was the Director of Development for the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center, and also worked at the International Monetary Fund as the bilingual assistant to the Executive Director for China.






6月12日: “数据新闻奖演讲以及颁奖仪式”


该奖项计划庆祝了两轮比赛的两个获奖项目。第一轮比赛的主题是平衡中国当代社会的社会信任和创新。来自中国传媒大学的学生Manxia Lee, Yuanchao Mao,和Haoyue Zhang赢得了这个奖项。他们的项目是“985与211工程中著名大学的社会自信心”,该项目探讨了声誉在中国大学之间是如何驱动政府投资,从而塑造中国持续发展的分布。第二轮比赛的焦点是“中国走向全球: 本土和国际影响”。来自北京外国语大学的Hao Jingya以她的作品《拥有一个灰色的世界:中国独生子女的奋斗》获得了该奖项。该作品关注中国的人口老龄化问题,探讨了中国人口变化对社会、政治和经济发展的影响。

在随后的晚宴上,与会者欣赏了全球商业新闻项目主任、清华大学多媒体新闻学教授理查德·邓纳姆(Richard Dunham)关于数据新闻和最佳实践发展的报告。


在习近平主席9月对美国进行国事访问的期待下,USCET筹备了2015年第五届媒介教育联合会(MEC)会议,旨在帮助中国媒体教育工作者、学生和从业者更好地了解美国外交政策、中美关系峰会的重要性以及美国政府与媒体的关系。在Michael Parks、Barbara Demick、Amy Celico和Richard Dunham等专家的帮助下,这次会议包括了主题演讲–两场题为“幕后的中美峰会和媒体在美国外交政策中的作用”(A Behind the background – china summit)的问答环节,以及针对此类话题进行深入讨论和分析的问答环节。第一场主题演讲集中在峰会上的美国媒体光学,由Michael Parks主持。Barbara Demick以“中美关系:讲故事带入生活”(US- China Relations: bring The Story to Life)为题做了最后的主题演讲。会议还鼓励更多更好地报道中国的外交事务,尤其关注美中关系。除了促进更好地理解这些主题之外,MEC会议的另一个主要目标是让与会者获得一系列技能,让这些技能可用于授权记者在迅速发展的行业内有效运作。



Richard Dunham是清华大学(Tsinghua University)全球商业新闻学项目主任、多媒体新闻学教授。Dunham曾是休斯顿纪事报(Houston Chronicle)和赫斯特报(Hearst Newspaper)的华盛顿分社社长。自1999年以来,他一直在新闻自由记者委员会指导委员会工作,并曾任指导委员会主席。邓纳姆在美国主要的电视网络上提供政治分析,包括ABC、CNN、CNBC、MSNBC、PBS新闻一小时等等。他曾在C-SPAN、英国广播公司、国家公共广播电台、美国广播公司、福克斯新闻频道以及世界各地的十几个广播电台和网络上露面。

Barbara Demick是洛杉矶时报的北京分社社长。她目前正在担任外交关系委员会的Edward R. Murrow研究员,前普利策奖得主,《洛杉矶时报》记者。她是“Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea”一书的作者。该书获得了英国广播公司(BBC) Samuel Johnson的非虚构类小说奖(Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction),并获得了国家图书奖(National Book Award)的非虚构类图书奖。Demick因她的报道获得了无数奖项,包括2012年Shorenstein Award亚洲报道奖、亚洲协会Osborn Elliot亚洲新闻奖、美国外交学院Arthur Ross杰出报道与分析奖。此前,她曾在《费城问询报》工作,并因此获得其他奖项和普利策奖提名。

Michael Parks是南加州大学(University of Southern California) Annenberg新闻学院(Annenberg School of Journalism)的教授和前院,他的报道任务遍布全球,包括1978-1984年在中国的报道。1987年,他获得普利策国际报道奖(Pulitzer Prize)。从1997年到2000年,Parks 担任《洛杉矶时报》的编辑,期间《洛杉矶时报》又获得了四项普利策奖。Parks 曾担任Pulitzer Prize、Gerald Loeb Award、ASNE Writing Awards和Selden Ring Award的陪审员。他还是美国报刊编辑协会、外交关系理事会、太平洋国际政策理事会、国际新闻研究所、亚洲协会和专业记者协会的成员。

Amy Celio是Albright Stonebridge Group, ASG的负责人,她领导着该公司在华盛顿特区的中国和东亚业务,在该地区的问题上她有着20多年的经验。在加入ASG之前,Celio曾在美国贸易代表办公室担任中国事务高级主任,负责就中国非金融服务行业和知识产权政策等问题制定谈判立场。她还参与制定在美中商贸联合委员会中中美双边对话和战略经济对话中美国的贸易政策立场。此前,Celio 曾担任美国商务部中国经济区办公室副主任、美国国务院研究和情报局的情报分析员和美国驻上海领事馆负责经济事务的副领事。在政府任职之前,Celio 女士曾是约翰霍普金斯大学-南京大学中心的发展主任,也曾在国际货币基金组织担任执行董事的双语助理。