2011 Media Education Consortium Conference

“Changing Media, Changing China”

December 12-14, 2011
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou

The 2011 MEC Conference featured Susan Shirk, editor of the then-recently published Changing Media, Changing China; Hu Shuli, Dean, School of Communication and Design and Editor-in-Chief of Caixin Media; Ying Chan, Director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong; and David Schlesinger, Chairman of Thomas Reuters China. The conference focused on how the commercialization and professionalization of the media and the growth of the Internet has changed China over the past two decades, especially in the areas of governance and law, the environment, business and finance, and social issues.

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2011年年付媒介教育联合会会议将于中国广东省广州市的中山大学召开。《媒体之变,中国之变》的编者谢淑丽女士、中山大学传播与设计学院院长,财新传媒主编胡舒立女士、香港大学新闻及传播研究中心总监陈婉莹女士以及汤森路透(中国)主席David Schlesinger先生将会出席会议。会议将聚焦在过去20年的时间里,媒体的商业化与专业化的互联网的发展如何改变了中国,并就管理与法律、环境、商业与金融和社会问题领域展开讨论。