USCET Advisory Council Member James McGregor Publishes New Book

October 30, 2012

James McGregor, CEO of advisory firm James McGregor Inc, senior counselor at APCO Worldwide, and USCET Advisory Council member, has published his second book entitled No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers. This publication offers an insightful analysis of China's current economic system, one which McGregor describes as "authoritarian capitalism," and the significant challenges it poses towards China's continued growth and economic prosperity. The publication examines the limitations of a state-owned enterprise model, and offers constructive commentary on how China will need to reform in order to continue with its extraordinary economic development. For more information about this insightful new book, please visit Mr. McGregor's website.

Mr. McGregor is also the author of the acclaimed best-seller One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China. He is a former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and is currently based in Beijing, China (click here for his full bio).



麦健陆(James McGregor),北京麦健陆顾问有限公司董事长、安可顾问有限公司高级顾问、USCET咨询委员会成员,发表了他的第二本书,标题为《前无古人后无来者》(No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers)。这本书分析了中国经济体系的现状,麦健陆称之为威权资本主义,以及它为中国持续发展和经济繁荣带来的巨大挑战。该书分析了国营企业模式的限制,并为中国如何进行改革以保持其超出寻常的经济发展提供了建设性的评论。更多关于这本颇有深度的书的讯息,请访问麦健陆先生的网站

麦健陆先生同样还是著名畅销书《十亿消费者——来自中国商界第一线的经验》的作者。他曾担任中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce)会长,目前住在北京。(点击这里查看完整履历)