[June 24th] Congressional Bank Smart Series Online Event with Mei Xu

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On June 24th from 12-1pm EDT, Mei Xu will share her story as a successful entrepreneur, global CEO and author of “Burn”. Born in Hangzhou, China, Mei immigrated to the US, and ultimately built and sold a multi-million dollar company (Chesapeake Bay Candle).  In line with her passion for women’s global economic empowerment, she most recently created a business, YesSheMay.com, to support the growth of women-owned businesses around the world.

Mei Xu will explore how your passion can ignite innovation and drive you toward unseen opportunities.  She will discuss:
~Her experience graduating twice in economic downturns and how she pivoted
~Sharing inspiration to working mothers
~How to move past your “moment of despair”
~Anecdotes on scaling a business
~Experience with manufacturing
~How she turned her Purpose into a business, YesSheMay.com

Mei Xu has been featured on the “How I Built This” podcast, BBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, Inc. and many more.   Mei is a Trustee of the University of Maryland in Baltimore, a member of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, a member of C200 and honored by Washington Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business”.  In 2012, she was invited to speak as a panelist at the “Insourcing American Jobs” forum hosted by President Obama.

Click the flyer above for more details.  Register for this free virtual event here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMtd-uqqjwjHNUf7UmBq06uc8i2stY0RMKJ or contact Brittany Wismer at bwismer@congressionalbank.com for more information.