2017 Media Education Consortium Conference 

“Data in Society” 

Wuhan University | November 17-18, 2017

On November 17th and 18th, USCET held its 9th Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference at the Wuhan University School of Journalism and Communication. Ambassador Bloch opened the conference with a speech recalling USCET’s formal launching of the MEC at the same university eight years ago. She presented Wuhan University, represented by the Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, Qiang Yuexin, with a certificate of appreciation. Several keynote speakers followed the opening remarks:

·Jonathan Soma gave a presentation emphasizing the “importance of ‘journalism’ in data journalism.” 

·Xu Kaibin of the Wuhan University School of Journalism and Communication reviewed international academic research on new media in 2017

·Fang Jie of the Renmin University’s School of Journalism and Communication discussed good practices in journalism education in the age of big data

In the afternoon session, Ye Sheng served as the moderator for the Third Data Journalism University Competition Award Ceremony. Each of the winning teams presented their projects, which demonstrated outstanding skills in investigative methods, data analysis, and visualization. The conference also included presentations on intelligent visualization and mapping by industry experts, as well as workshops on the same topics that allowed students to gain hands-on practice. 147 practitioners and students from 25 universities across China came to attend the conference. Altogether, the 2017 MEC Conference served to elevate the profile and level of professionalism of the data journalism sector in China.






Jonathan Soma:强调“数据新闻中新闻的重要性”

Xu Kaibin:武汉大学新闻交流学院, 讲述了2017年有关新媒体的国际学术研究

Fang Jie:人民大学新闻交流学院,讨论大数据时代新闻教育的良好实践

下午,Ye Sheng担任第三届“数据新闻学院大赛”主持人。每个获胜的团队都展示了他们的项目,表现出了出色的调查方法、数据分析和可视化技能。会议还包括了由行业专家提供的关于智能可视化和制图的报告,以及关于允许学生动手实践的相同主题的研讨会。来自中国25所大学的147名从业者和学生参加了这次会议。总之,2017年MEC大会提高了数据新闻在中国的知名度和专业水平。