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Zhejiang University School of Media and International Culture history dates back to August 1928. The School has an interdisciplinary focus on strengthening international exchanges and cooperation. It strives to build the media's new scientific and research platform for international culture, education and communications. The influential leaders in our academic team have developed an international perspective on media and culture. With deep sensibility, research, creativity, and leadership in the media and cross-cultural communication talents, we strive towards advancing  international and domestic teaching and research.

We have brought together a distinguished team from the fields of journalism, communication, literary theory, aesthetics, political science, intercultural communication, sociology, anthropology. Each year famous experts of different disciplines come to give lectures. The School has 60 teachers, of whom 18 were professors, associate professors 25. We currently have 500 students, of whom more than 300 are undergraduate, plus 100 graduate, 50 doctoral students, and 45 foreign students.

The School provides students with a complete training system compromised of 3 departments: Department of Journalism and Communication, Department of International Culture, and Department of Visual Arts and New Media. Furthermore, the School has established friendly and cooperative relations with the University of Maryland School of Journalism, Communication and Arts of Wisconsin College of Missouri School of Journalism, University of Turin, Italy, Political Science, Journalism and Communication The Chinese University of Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Baptist University School of Journalism, Media and the City University of Hong Kong. We actively recommend our outstanding students to participate in study abroad programs.

Our alumni are spread throughout the major domestic news media, publicity departments, legal departments, large companies and enterprises, scientific research, educational institutions. Examples include CCTV, People's Daily, Phoenix Satellite Television, Xinhua News Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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College of Media and International Culture, Xixi Campus, Zhejiang University
Zhejiang 310028

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Wu Fei 吴飞

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86-571-88273582, 86-571-87951596, 86-13336105679

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