Trenton Marsolek

Trenton Marsolek is Special Assistant to USCET’s President and Program Officer. Trenton facilitates the implementation of USCET programs, provides communications and logistics support, and assists with grant writing and reporting.

Trenton began at USCET as a Communications and Program intern, then worked as a Consultant supporting USCET’s virtual programs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to working at USCET, Trenton completed internships at the Institute for China-America Studies, the Embassy of the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and served as a volunteer at the Office of Presidential Correspondence at the White House. He was a Development Associate for Global China Connection, an international student-run nonprofit focused on engagement with China, and a Student Ambassador for the US-China Strong Foundation. Trenton has had several successful business ventures including a consulting business with clients in the United States and China and a summer storage business.

Trenton’s interest in US-China relations and international educational exchanges began when he participated in the US Department of State’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program in 2015. He lived in Sichuan Province for three months where he began learning Chinese at Deyang Foreign Languages School, eventually becoming highly proficient. Trenton graduated with a BA in International Studies from American University in 2020.

Trenton Marsolek(中文名:唐朋)是中美教育基金会主席特别助理。他是协助基金会的在线讨会、网站开发、公共关系 、研究等。他2020年毕业于美国华盛顿特区的美利坚大学,获得国际关系学士学位。

来中美教育基金会之前,他在中美研究中心、约旦驻美国大使馆和白宫总统书信处部实习了。他曾是Global China Connection的发展助理,一家国际学生管理的非营利组织,致力于与中国的交往,并且是美中坚强基金会的学生大使。 唐朋拥有数家成功的企业,包括与美国和中国客户的咨询业务以及夏季仓储业务。