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Susan Weld is an adjunct professor of law and the executive director of the Law Asia Leadership program at Georgetown University.

She received her A.B., J.D., and Ph.D. in East Asian languages and civilizations from Harvard University. Weld was general counsel of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China from 2002 to 2005. While at the CECC she traveled in China to observe developments in several areas related to law reform, bilateral cooperation and human rights, including women's rights, HIV/AIDS in Xinjiang Province, rural land law, criminal legal defense, and regulation of domestic NGOs.

Weld has practiced law in New York and Boston and taught Chinese history and thought in Harvard's Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, comparative law at Northeastern University School of Law, Chinese and Japanese law at Boston College Law School, and Chinese law at Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.

Weld was a U.S delegate to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 and a co-founder of MassAction for Women in Massachusetts. Weld has most recently spoken on "Law and Rights in China" at Dartmouth College, "Corruption in China: Past and Present" at the University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies, and "The Congressional-Executive Commission on China" at the University of Michigan Law School and Harvard Law School, as well as moderated a panel on "Religion and the Future of China" at the Council on Foreign Relations.




Susan Weld是乔治城大学 (Georgetown University) 的客座教授,也是乔治城大学亚洲法律领导力学院(Law Asia Leadership)的执行董事。

她在哈佛大学取得了东亚语言与文明的博士与法学学位。2002年至2005年,Weld曾担任美国国会行政部门中国委员会(Congressional-Executive Commission on China)的总顾问。在CECC期间,她在中国考察了与法律改革、双边合作和人权有关的几个领域的发展,包括妇女权利、新疆的艾滋病、农村土地法、刑事法律辩护和国内非政府组织的监管。


Weld曾在1995年在北京担任联合国第四次世界妇女大会的美国代表和MassAction for Women活动的联合创始人。Weld最近还在达特茅斯学院(Dartmouth College)举办题为“中国的法律与权利”,在密歇根大学中国研究中心(University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies,)举办“中国的腐败:过去与现在”,和在哈佛大学法学院(Harvard Law School)以及密歇根大学法学院(University of Michigan Law School)举办“中国国会行政部门”的演讲。她还主持了一个关于宗教和中国未来外交关系的讨论会