16th ASN Conference – Nixon and China + 50: Reflections on Five Decades of US-China Relations

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Session One

07:30-10:30am Beijing | 19:30-22:30 Washington DC (June 10th)

Opening Remarks

Julia Chang Bloch

Executive Chair
US-China Education Trust

SUN Jisheng

Vice President
China Foreign Affairs University

Panel One: Is There Opportunity in Crisis? Responses to Environmental Challenges
The US and China have been both collaborators and competitors in the arena of climate governance. As new studies reveal the urgency of the global environmental crisis, and as world leaders come together for the next UN Climate Change Conference in Fall 2022, how will the US and China step-up to the challenge? What have they learned from past joint efforts to address climate and environmental challenges and what can we expect going forward?


Executive Director, Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding
Peking University


Jennifer Turner

Director, China Environment Forum
Wilson Center


ZOU Xiaolong

Professor, Jilin University


ZHU Feng

Director, Institute of International Relations
Nanjing University


Panel Two: Different Times, Changing Societies

What did the two societies hope for when the US and China reestablished relations in the 1970s, and what do they wish for now? How have bilateral relations affected Chinese and American society? How have US-China relations been reflected through cultural expression in the two countries? What are the short and long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on societal connections between the US and China?

FU Meirong

Director, American Studies Center
Beijing Foreign Studies University


JIA Qingguo

Former Dean, School of International Studies
Peking University


Suisheng Zhao

Director, Center for China-US Cooperation
University of Denver



Director, Institute of Global Governance and Development
Tongji University


Session One Moderated Discussion

Reflections and Reassessments: Fifty Years of US-China Relations

Moderator: Madelyn C. Ross, President, US-China Education Trust

ZHAO Mei, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
LIU Debin, Director of the Institute of International Relations, Jilin University
WANG Dong, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding, Peking University
ZHAO Kejin, Associate Professor, Institute of International Relations, Tsinghua University

with Participants from Panels One and Two

Session Two

20:00-10:30 Beijing | 08:00-10:30am Washington DC

Panel Three: Perspectives On US-China Economic Ties: Then and Now

A discussion of dominant Chinese and American perspectives on US-China economic relations over the span of five decades. How have bilateral economic ties evolved? How have economic disagreements been dealt with in the past and what lessons may be derived for the future? Can key issues in US-China economic relations today be resolved in productive ways?

Robert Kapp

Former President
US-China Business Council



Director, Center for International Political Economy
Peking University


Arthur Kroeber

Founding Partner and Head of Research
Gavekal Dragonomics


LI Wei

Associate Professor
Renmin University of China


Panel Four: 50 Years of Bilateral Relations: Lessons Learned, Lessons Not Learned

Fifty years after the Nixon-Mao breakthrough, what has each nation learned from their encounters, and in what ways has each country failed to grasp and adjust to the changing complexities of bilateral relations? Is it possible for the US and China to restore bilateral trust and renew collaborations? In what areas is this most likely?

David Michael Lampton

Professor Emeritus of China Studies
Johns Hopkins SAIS


ZHA Daojiong

Professor, School of International Studies
Peking University


Stephen Roach

Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute of Global Affairs
Yale University


SUN Jisheng

Vice President
China Foreign Affairs University


Session Two Moderated Discussion

Reflections and Reassessments: Fifty Years of US-China Relations

Moderator: RAN Jijun, Associate Professor, China Foreign Affairs University

XIE Tao, Professor of Political Science, Beijing Foreign Studies University
DA Wei, Director of the Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University
SHI Yi, Professor of American Studies, China Foreign Affairs University
Robert A. Kapp, Special Advisory, US-China Education Trust

with Participants from Panels Three and Four