Journalist in Residence 2005


Pulitzer Prize winner Haynes Johnson was the 2005 Journalist in Residence. He is a best-selling author and TV commentator, and spent much of his journalistic career working at The Washington Post. He has published 14 books, with his most recent, "The Age of Anxiety: From McCarthyism to Terrorism," released in fall 2005.

In partnership with USCET, the program's primary co-sponsors were the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism and Fudan University's School of Journalism. It took place from May 23 to June 3, and included travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming.


In Beijing, Johnson held seminars at Beijing Foreign Studies University and People's University; in Shanghai, he spoke to students at Fudan's School of Journalism. In addition, he met with practicing journalists in both cities, participated in a web chat, and was interviewed about his experiences. Johnson's trip ended at Yunnan University, where he lectured at an international conference addressing the topic "The US in Times of War and Peace". 

In September 2005, Johnson made a final appearance as USCET's Journalist in Residence. As a lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University's SAIS China Forum, he spoke about his experiences and offered his perceptions of Chinese university students. He concluded by noting that person-to-person exchanges offer an important opportunity to increase understanding between the US and China.