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Henry Levine is a highly regarded US expert on China with more than 25 years of experience as an officer in the State Department's Foreign Service. During this time he served twice at the US Embassy in Beijing, twice in the State Department's Office of China and Mongolia Affairs, and as US Consul General in Shanghai. In the latter capacity he supervised a staff of 140 Americans and Chinese. He served as the senior US government official in East China, working closely with local governments, academic institutions, and the US business community to promote stronger US-China relations. During his tenure the Consulate General in Shanghai was a leader among US diplomatic posts in China regarding the promotion of US-China exchanges in person and via video conferences.

After his assignment in Shanghai, Hank served for three years as the deputy assistant secretary for Asia at the US Department of Commerce. In that capacity, he was the senior China advisor to two secretaries of commerce and a lead negotiator for the annual US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade.

Following his retirement from the Foreign Service, Hank led the China practice for the Albright Stonebridge Group as a senior advisor, a strategic advisory firm in Washington, DC, where he continues to maintain an affiliation. At ASG, Hank assists clients as they enter and grow in the Chinese market, helping develop and implement winning strategies with the help of an extensive network and partnerships in the Chinese central government.

Hank is a frequent speaker on US-China relations before academic and business groups. He also served for two years as the chair of the Intensive China Area Studies course at the US State Department's Foreign Service Institute.

Hank has a B.A. in Political Science from Bucknell University. He conducted graduate work in international affairs at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is a graduate, with distinction, from the US National War College.

Hank is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. His wife, Vivian Chang, is a former Chinese language senior diplomatic Interpreter for the US State Department. He has two children, both of whom are studying Chinese.



Henry “Hank” Levine是一位备受尊敬的美国对华问题专家,他为美中关系在政府和私营部门的发展积累了30年的经验。



在他从外交事务退休后,Hank领导了在华盛顿特区的Albright Stonebridge Group集团的中国业务,在那里继续保持他与外交事务的联系。



汉克能说流利的中文(普通话),他的妻子Vivian Chang曾是美国国务院的中文高级外交译员。他有两个孩子,也都在学习中文。