Data Journalism Awards and Competition Ceremony

June 12: “Data Journalism Awards Lecture & Ceremony”

 With the support of the Media Development Initiative of the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), USCET organized the Data Journalism Competition and Awards program in China. The purpose of the competition was to encourage the growing field of data journalism by rewarding student excellence and contributing to best practices in the field.

The awards program celebrated both of the winning projects from the two-round competition.  The first round of the competition addressed the theme of Balancing Social Trust and Innovation in China’s Contemporary Society. Students Manxia Lee, Yuanchao Mao, and Haoyue Zhang from the Communication University of China, accepted the award for their group project The Social Confidence of Famous Universities in Project 985 and 211, which explores how reputational trust drives patterns of government investment in Chinese universities, shaping the distribution of China’s continuing development. The focus of the competition’s second round was China Goes Global: Local and International ImpactHao Jingya, a student from Beijing Foreign Studies University, received the award for her project “Shoulder a World of Grey- Struggle for China's Only Child,” which draws attention to China's aging population and examines the impact of China's demographic change on its social, political, and economic development.

At the following dinner, participants enjoyed a presentation on the Development of Data Journalism and Best Practices, by Richard Dunham, Director of the Global Business Journalism Program and Professor of Multimedia Journalism at Tsinghua University.