USCET’s COS Portfolio Continued to Support Rural Chinese Students and their Academic Studies this Past Year

January 3, 2018

The 2017 China Opportunity Scholarship (COS) portfolio continued to successfully promote equal access to higher education in China and help equip disadvantaged students with the tools needed to thrive in college and beyond by providing scholarships to low-income and disadvantaged students. This past year, USCET supported nearly 30 students through its four active scholarship programs. Overall, since COS began in 2007 USCET has supported more than 160 students from rural China.

For more information and a complete report on the 2017 scholarship portfolio, please click here.



2017年,中国机遇奖学金(China Opportunity Scholarship, 简称COS)项目再次为低收入和弱势学生提供奖学金,发扬高等教育人人平等精神,帮助他们取得在校期间以及毕业后所需的技能。在过去的一年内,中美教育基金(US-China Education Trust,简称USCET)通过4个奖学金项目资助了将近30名学生。自2007年起,COS总共赞助了超过160名来自农村的中国学生。