Now accepting entries for the 2016 Data Journalism Competition!

February 25, 2016

The US-China Education Trust is delighted to announce the 2016 University Data Journalism Competition, in partnership with Fudan University's School of Journalism and Caixin Data Visualization Lab. Data journalism is one of the fastest growing disciplines in journalism education today, and is reinforced by the country's Internet Plus initiatives. The field represents an expanding set of skills for developing and telling stories through numbers. The interdisciplinary nature of the field encourages students from various concentrations to work together and produce thought-provoking and high quality communication products. The competition promotes innovation, hard work and team spirit.

The theme for this competition is Environment. Through data analysis, students are encouraged to critically examine the impact of climate change, energy access, environmental degradation, pollution, etc. on Chinese society. We welcome diverse in-depth news articles, feature stories, visualizations, and multi-media platforms such as websites and videos related to the theme of the competition. Competitors are highly encouraged to work in teams of computer scientists, journalists, and designers. 

This competition will have one first place winner (Prize 7000RMB), two second place winners (Prize 5000 RMB) and three third place winners (Prize 3000 RMB). Winners will present their work at the Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference in April 2016 at Fudan University. All travel and lodging expenses will be covered on a reimbursable basis, up to 3000RMB. 

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本次比赛将会评出一等奖1个(奖金7000元),二等奖2个(奖金5000元),三等奖3个(奖金3000元)。获奖者将被邀请参加2016年4月在复旦大学召开的的媒体教育联盟( MEC )会,在会上介绍自己的作品。获奖者可报销最高3千元的差旅费用。