Innovators in Data Journalism: An Interview with Tianyue Yang

October 16, 2018


Tianyue Yang holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering and is interested in pursuing a career in data journalism. She is an alumnus of USCET’s data journalism workshop.

Q: As a student, what our your thoughts on data journalism? Why is it important?

A: I think data journalism, though still a relatively small field, is very important. This is the era of big data. Data is not only about numbers, but also pictures and video. With the development of the Internet, the amount of data will only increase, and people can get more and more information from it. The importance of data journalism is becoming more and more obvious.

Q: What are some of the challenges that you face when working in data journalism? How do you cope with them?

A: I think the biggest obstacle is finding data. There’s not a lot of available domestic data open to the public, which means that sometimes the topic selection is very interesting, but finding the relevant data is very difficult. When you can't find the data you want, you have to look for related data, but the end result is never as good as you had hoped. Now, the company where I am interning is making their own databases and sorting the data, hoping to turn it into a sharing platform.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?

A: First, I hope I can work in traditional media for a few years, starting from the most traditional and basic aspects of journalism. I hope this can help me improve my interviewing and writing skills because they are still so crucial for journalism. That said, I like data journalism better, so I will probably do that after learning more and gaining experience in traditional media.

Q: What did you like about the workshop?

A: In the workshop, I had the honor to meet many people in the industry, and the workshop also invited many excellent data journalists to share their articles. The most important thing is that everyone has a good grasp of data journalism, and they describe things from a very comprehensive perspective.




Q: 作为学生,你怎么看数据新闻这个领域?数据新闻为什么重要?


Q: 当数据新闻记者遇到的最大的障碍是什么?你是如何克服它的?


Q: 能说说你对未来的展望吗?


Q: 你觉得你在工作坊受益最多的是什么?