First China DataViz Competition launched in Beijing

March 20, 2019


USCET is pleased to announce the first China DataViz Competition in China on March 18th, 2019, the fourth in a series of USCET data journalism competitions in China. The theme of the competition is: “Understand the world in data.” More than 50 universities around the world and 100 institutions are expected to participate in the competition, bringing new creative power to data visualizations in China. The competition aims to help people explore the value of data, its use in telling stories that are important to the communities, and to understand the beauty of data through visualization. The competition will promote awareness of data journalism in China and to foster a communication platform between professional media industry and the next generation of media professionals in China.  The Competition will conclude with an Awards Ceremony to recognize the up-coming talented data journalists in China, bring together media industry professionals and academics, and to talk about emerging trends in data journalism in China and globally.