ASN Profile: Peng Xiaoman’s SU American Studies Experience

August 29, 2018


Peng Xiaoman is a first year master’s student at Sichuan University. As an undergraduate at Sichuan Normal University, Peng studied English language. She became interested in studying English, and America in particular, because “America’s culture, literature, and policy impacts the whole world, including China.”

“As a Chinese we feel this influence,” she continued. After graduating from university, Peng decided to pursue American studies by applying to the master’s program at Sichuan University.

In her studies, Peng focuses on literature and culture. Her literature class is currently covering American works from the 20th century, and she is reading William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.

In addition to academics, Sichuan University also gives students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities related to American studies. For example, Peng is involved in a research project that maps trends from recent American election campaigns. Peng and fellow researchers will compare the Democratic Party’s campaign strategies in the 2014 midterm elections, the 2016 presidential election, and the upcoming midterm elections. Peng is interested in bringing statistics into this project in order to quantitatively measure voting patterns.

Moreover, Peng is part of an American studies organization in which students meet weekly to have a discussion about topics in American news. “Every week our discussion is different,” she explained.

Peng is not set on her plans after graduation. While she may not pursue careers in the American studies field, she is sure that the knowledge she has learned will be useful regardless. American studies, she explained, could be a path into many different fields because it is multidisciplinary. Her program, for example, includes the study of financial policy, literature, and foreign policy. 

Peng also shared that the American studies field is “changing every day” as it responds to developments in the US. In the future, she would like to better understand these developments by traveling to America to conduct research and take classes. This way, she would be able to immerse herself into an “American environment.”

American Studies lies at the core of USCET’s organizational mission. This profile is part of a series to highlight various students across China who are majoring in American Studies and who plan to use it in their careers. 




Peng Xiaoman是四川大学一年级硕士生。在四川师范大学读本科时,Peng学习的是英语。她对学习英语产生了兴趣,尤其是美国文化,因为“美国的文化、文学和政策影响了全世界,包括中国。”






Peng还表示,美国研究领域 “每天都在发生变化”,因为它在回应美国的发展。在未来,她想通过去美国进行研究和上课来更好地了解这些发展。这样,她就能沉浸在“美国环境”中。