ASN Profile: Guo Shuting’s YU American Studies Experience

August 20, 2018


Guo Shuting is a 2018 graduate of Yunnan University’s graduate program in American studies and international relations. She is originally from Chengdu, China.

Guo first heard about American studies seven years ago, when she was an undergraduate at Jincheng College in China’s Chengdu Province. At the time, Guo had been interested in foreign affairs for many years. She wanted to pursue the study of the United States specifically because, in her words, “America is a major power with international influence.”

Fittingly, Guo’s primary area of study is American politics and foreign affairs. She is an avid follower of American news sources, and she is interested in studying the politics of diplomacy and cultural exchange.

In the future, Guo would like to use her knowledge of American studies to work in the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. She wants to help create a new model for the US-China relationship that is based on “mutual respect, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation between China and America.”

Guo explained that Yunnan University currently does not have a formal American studies program. Instead, its department of international relations has several classes for students interested in America, including courses entitled American Society and Culture, American Survey, American Law and Society, and Chinese American Literature. Yunnan University is also a participant of the “Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program,” which gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to spend two years at an American university. Participants in the 1+2+1 program earn a dual degree from their Chinese home institution and their US host institution.

At the past ASN conference, Guo had the opportunity submit a paper on US-China relations. She thought the conference was “wonderful” because she was exposed to many different topics in American studies. She is currently planning to attend the next ASN Conference in November at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

American Studies lies at the core of USCET’s organizational mission. This profile is part of a series to highlight various students across China who are majoring in American Studies and who plan to use it in their careers. 




Guo Shuting是云南大学美国研究和国际关系硕士,2018年毕业。她来自中国成都。




Guo解释说,云南大学目前还没有正式的美国留学项目。然而,该校国际关系部为对美国感兴趣的学生开设了几门课程,包括《美国社会与文化》(American Society and Culture)、《美国调查》(American Survey)、《美国法律与社会》(American Law and Society)和《华裔美国文学》(Chinese American Literature)等课程。云南大学也是“中美1+2+1双学位项目”的参与者,该项目为本科生和研究生提供了在美国大学学习两年的机会。1+2+1项目的学员会在其中国本土院校和美国本土院校获得双学位。