Ambassador Bloch speaks at the 2015 Young Scholars Forum

October 21, 2015


On October 16th, USCET President and Founder Julia Chang Bloch participated at the 2015 Young Scholars Forum hosted by The Carter Center’s China Program. This year’s forum, Voice of the Generation: How U.S.-China Relations Will Shape the International Order of the Future, analyzed a variety of dimensions within the two states’ complex multi-faceted relationship.

Panel members identified points of conflict and cooperation within the current framework and possible solutions to improve the relationship in the future. In asking why the US and China should meet halfway, Ambassador Bloch challenged the notion that the two countries ought to both cede equal ground in any quid pro quo arrangements. Ms. Bloch no doubt drew from her own Foreign Service experience in prioritizing the formation of a sustainable foundation between the US and China.

For more information on the Young Scholars Forum, take a look at their website here