2016 American Studies Network Weekend at Beijing

May 1, 2016


During the weekend of April 29-30, the US-China Education Trust and Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) co-sponsored the American Studies Network (ASN) Weekend on the campus of BFSU. The ASN Weekend welcomed over a hundred participants, who represented some 60 universities and research institutions across China. The participants engaged in stimulating discussions of promoting cultural and educational exchange between the U.S. and China, reconnected with old friends, and honored leading colleagues in the field of American studies. 


The gathering featured four main events: 


«  The weekend started off with the soft launch of the Chinese Association for the Study of American Culture and Society (CASACS) under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), which will provide a much-needed platform to strengthen the study of American society and culture in China. 

«  Next, a Book Launch celebrated the publication of the fourth edited volume of ASN Conference presentations, The Power of Culture: Encounters between China and the United States, which included 31 chapters by 39 contributing authors, 11 of whom came from BFSU. 

«  The book launch was followed by a forum commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Fulbright Program, during which current and past Chinese and American Fulbright scholars shared their experiences and offered thoughtful analyses on the program’s impact on U.S.-China relations. 

«  The Weekend concluded with a Lifetime Achievement Award dinner honoring Professor Mei Renyi – China’s first Fulbright scholar, and the “dean of American Studies in China” in the words of Ambassador Bloch.  Over 100 of Prof. Mei’s current and former students were on hand to offer their congratulations, along with the BFSU senior leadership. 


USCET also inaugurated the Mei Renyi American Studies Essay Competition at the Award Dinner, which seeks to promote Professor Mei’s dedicated and thoughtful scholarship among generations of Chinese students to come. 


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北京 –  2016年4月29-30日







«  大会为中国社科院美国社会文化研究协会(CASACS)举办了软启动仪式。CASACS旨在为加强中国对美国社会文化的研究提供一个迫切需要的平台。

«  会议为美国研究联络会会议论文选集第四卷—《文化的力量》—举办了新书发布会。新书中包含了由39位作者所著的31章内容,其中有11位作者来自北外。

«  会议举办了美国国际教育交流计划“富布赖特项目”创立70周年纪念论坛。来自中美两国的多名富布赖特学者分享了他们的经验,并对于富布赖特项目对中美关系的影响阐述了自己的深刻分析。

«  会议为梅仁毅教授举办了美国研究终身成就奖颁奖典礼。梅仁毅教授是中美建交后第一位获取富布赖特奖学金的中国学者,被张之香大使称为“中国在美国研究方面的领军人物”。梅仁毅教授一百多位优秀门生从全国各地赶来,和北外领导共同祝贺梅教授一生成就 。