The 16th Annual American Studies Network Conference

July 24, 2019


China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and the US-China Education Trust (USCET) cordially invite scholars and students from all disciplines to participate in the 16th Annual American Studies Network Conference, “40 Years of China-US Ties: Seeking Common Grounds through Cooperation and Competition,” to be held October 19-20 at CFAU in Beijing.


ASN Conference

Since 1979,when China and the United States established formal diplomatic relations, China and the US have marked four decades of sustained diplomatic ties thanks to the joint efforts of both sides. This 40th anniversary takes place at a critical point in China-US relations. In order to improve the 21st century China-US relations,  the 2019 ASN Conference , with the theme of  “40 Years of China-US Ties: Seeking Common Grounds through Cooperation and Competition” , seeks to recognize four decades of milestones, reflect on the state of the relationship, understand underlying problems, and illuminate difficulties as well as opportunities that may lie ahead.

The conference welcomes the participation of all ASN scholars. We would like, in addition, to invite the participation of practitioners in the field of American Studies to share their valuable insights and experiences.

The organizers also welcome the participation of PhD and M.A candidates to present papers.  The conference will integrate papers from PhD students into the general conference concurrent panel presentations, while M.A. candidates will have their special forum. Please see descriptions below. 



The Conference Organizing Committee welcomes submissions in English from scholars and students. Illustrative topics, not a definitive list, include the following:

  • Historical perspectives on China-US  relations
  • Economic and commercial trends shaping China-US relations
  • Impact of technology on relations, and its use in diplomacy
  • Effect of domestic politics in China and the US on bilateral relations
  • China-US strategic trust and future implications
  • China’s foreign policy paradigm and its impact on relations with the United States
  • Impact of the China-US relationship on regional and global security
  • Soft power and China-US relations
  • The dynamics of public opinion formation in the US and China
  • People-to-People, education and cultural exchanges between China and the US
  • Chinese and American think tanks:  comparisons and contrasts
  • Literature and the arts in shaping of relations between China and the US


General Guidelines for Paper Submission and Presentation

All scholars seeking to offer presentations at the ASN 2019 Conference must submit a Paper Proposal by August 23, 2019, using the attached Paper Proposal template. The Organizing Committee will evaluate the proposals and notify successful applicants of their acceptance no later than September 20, 2019.  Please send the full text of ASN papers (no more than 3000 words in English, excluding references) to

For further information on the style, please consult the Chicago Manual of Style or visit the Chicago Style Online website:


Conference Format

The conference will consist of plenary sessions with keynote speeches and concurrent panel sessions with paper presentations and discussions by scholars.


The ASN Graduate Student Forum and Mei Renyi American Studies Competition

China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Sichuan University will sponsor a special forum for graduate students during the ASN conference. The Graduate Student Forum will be held at a special session on the evening of October 18th. Graduate students will present their papers, which will be judged by a panel of senior scholars at the conference.

The organizers cordially invite M.A. candidates to participate in a special Graduate Student Forum, held in conjunction with this year’s ASN Conference.  Students in Master’s Degree programs who submit completed papers before the August 23 deadline will be eligible for prizes and special recognition, to be awarded by a team of faculty members from China Foreign Affairs University,  Beijing Foreign Studies University and Sichuan University. Awards will be based equally on the quality of papers and the quality of oral presentations to the Forum.  There will be one First Prize, two Second Prize and three Third Prize awards.

Graduate Students: Please submit your papers for the competition to   

If you have any questions, please contact:






自中美1979年建交以来,得益于中美两国的努力,中美已携手走过40周年。值此建交40周年之际,中美关系进入了一个关键时期。为进一步发展21世纪的中美关系,2019美国研究网络年会将以 “中美关系40年:在合作与竞争中寻求共识”为主题,展开研讨。本次年会将回顾40年来的重大事件,反思双边关系的实质,理解潜在的问题,阐明可能的机遇与挑战。






  • 历史视野下的中美关系
  • 影响中美关系的贸易与商业趋势
  • 科技对中美关系的影响及其在外交中的作用
  • 中美两国国内政治对于双边关系的影响
  • 中美战略互信及其未来影响
  • 中国外交政策范式及其对中美关系的影响
  • 中美关系对地区及全球安全的影响
  • 中美关系与软实力
  • 中美两国国内公众舆论的形成机制
  • 中美人文、教育及文化交流
  • 中美智库:比较与对比
  • 塑造中美关系的文学艺术