Torkel Patterson, President of Raytheon International Inc., previously worked as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Asian Affairs to the National Security Council.

He also served at the State Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs and as a Senior Advisor to Ambassador Howard Baker in Tokyo. Prior to his current post, he was President of Raytheon Japan and the North Asia division of Raytheon International.



Torkel Patterson是Raytheon International Inc的总裁,之前担任国家安全委员会亚洲事务高级主管和总统特别助理。

他同时还在国务院南亚事务处担任副助理部长以及美国驻日大使Howard Baker的高级顾问。在此之前,他曾是Raytheon Japan和Raytheon International北美分部的总裁。