Data Journalism Competition and Awards

November 2014 to Present

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This competition encourages the growing field of data journalism by rewarding excellence and contributing to best practices in the field.


Third University Data Journalism Competition

USCET, partnering with Wuhan University Journalism and Communication School and Caixin Media Inc., launched the Third Data Journalism University Competition on May 1, 2017, with a competition deadline on September 15, 2017. The theme of the competition was: “How Data Affects Society and Individuals.” The competition encouraged journalism students to find and gather data, look for socially relevant stories in the information, and to produce a data journalism story with engaging visualization. A total of 1067 participants from 272 university teams participated in the competition.

The top winning team from Wuhan University pored over 20 thousand pieces of data and five different sources in order to paint an accurate picture of Beijing’s housing bubble. The first prize winners from Renmin University went through 13 years of data from government and independent sources to question the accuracy of pollution reporting in China. The second prize-winning team from Zhejiang University analyzed the new education reform policy by visualizing higher education resources distribution in China, and provided critical analyses of the merits of the “double-first class” strategy in an effort to increase education standards.


Previous Competitions:

In 2014, The US-China Education Trust announced the launch of the first Data Journalism Competition and Awards, in China. Through data analysis and the utilization of data visualization, students were asked to examine an issue related to the competition topic. The competition was open to university students of all levels and disciplines. Winning entries were be awarded 4500 RMB and were recommended for inclusion to data journalism curricula at selected universities. Winners presented their stories at the 2015 Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference. This competition was held in two rounds from 2014-2015.


Round I: Balancing Social Trust and Innovation in China's Contemporary Society

The first round of competition was completed in December 2014. The winners have been selected and you can read more about the results and winning submission HERE


Round II: China Goes Global: Local and International Impact

The second round of the Data Journalism Competition concluded in May 2015. Visit HERE to read about the contest results and to view the winning project


Competition Award Ceremony

On June 12, the winners of both the first and second rounds of the Data Journalism Competition were recognized and celebrated at the Data Journalism Awards Lecture & Ceremony, hosted by the Communication University of China in Beijing. For more information about the ceremony, click HERE.


USCET would like to offer a special thank you to all who participated in the contest!



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