Data Journalism Competition and Awards

November 2014 to Present

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Program Goal

This competition encourages the growing field of data journalism by rewarding excellence and contributing to best practices in the field.

Data Journalism 2016 Announcement

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Judging Criteria

Announcing the Second University Data Journalism Competition and Awards! 

Fudan University’s School of Journalism, Caixin Data Visualization Lab and US-China Education Trust announces the launch of the second University Data Journalism Competition. Data journalism is one of the fastest growing disciplines in journalism education today, and is reinforced by the country’s Internet Plus initiatives. The field represents an expanding set of skills for developing and telling stories through numbers.  The interdisciplinary nature of the field encourages students from various concentrations to work together and produce thought-provoking and high quality communication products. The competition promotes innovation, hard work and team spirit. 
The theme for this competition is Environment. Through data analysis, students are encouraged to critically examine the impact of climate change, energy access, environmental degradation, pollution, etc. on Chinese society. We welcome diverse in-depth news articles, feature stories, visualizations, and multi-media platforms such as websites and videos related to the theme of the competition. Competitors are highly encouraged to work in teams of computer scientists, journalists, and designers.
This competition will have one first place winner (Prize 7000RMB), two second place winners (Prize 5000 RMB) and three third place winners (Prize 3000 RMB). Winners will present their work at the Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference in April 2016 at Fudan University. All travel and lodging expenses will be covered on a reimbursable basis, up to 3000RMB.
• Submissions can be by individuals or by teams.
• The competition is open to university students of all levels and disciplines.
• Teams are allowed to work with journalists to serve as support.
• Work does not have to be published prior to application, but must be original work.

Theme: Environment

• Submissions can include narrative reporting, visualization, web pages or video, but must adhere to journalism ethical standards of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.
• Visualizations must be in the form of JPG, GIF, or PNG.
• Video files may be submitted. Video resolution no less than 720P, can be shared through video sharing sites. Video format MKV, MOV or MP4, do not use an uncompressed MPEG2 TS or the like.

Submission requirements:
• All submissions must include a summary abstract in English. The submissions themselves may be in either English or Chinese.
• Visualizations maybe submitted through email as an attachment.
• Web-based work must submit the URL by e-mail, or as an email attachment.
• Video works submitted to the video sharing website, you can submit e-mail attachment or network disk mode. But with varying network conditions, the committee cannot be guaranteed to receive all the network disk submitted works.
• For details, see selection criteria.
• All entries must be submitted to     by March 25, 2016. No late submissions are accepted.  

Entries will be evaluated by a jury of 3 journalism practitioners and experts from Caixin, Fudan, USCET.

Elisa Zhai Autry
Dr. Elisa Zhai Autry is the Development and New Initiatives Principal at the US-China Education Trust. Prior to joining USCET, she was a Global Fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), a Washington think tank. In addition to managing IGE’s East Asia programs, she served as a guest editor for the Review of Faith and International Affairs. Before coming to Washington, Dr. Autry was an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Gerontology and Asian/Asian American Studies at Miami University. Dr. Autry earned a B.A. in sociology and law from Peking University, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Huang Zhimin
Mr. Huang is the Chief Technological Officer and the Founder of Data Visualization Lab at Caixin Media Company Limited, an influential Chinese business magazine. His work experience on Internet and mobile Internet spans ten years, and he is now working on incorporating big database and visualized information into the development of journalism. His group, Caixin Database Visualization, won the 2014 Award for Editorial Excellence offered by the Society of Publishers in Asia, the 2014 Tencent Annual Communication Award for Digital News, and the 2014 NetEast Annual Chinese New Media Award for Multimedia. His group is also the candidate of the British Online Award, “Information is Beautiful”. He has lectured in Communication University of China, East China Normal University, Fudan University, Qinghua University, Renmin University of China, and Xiamen University.

Judge from Fudan TBD

References and database:

Data Journalism China ( is the only platform in Chinese dedicated to serving the data journalism community in China and internationally.

Qing Yue Shanghai Environmental Protection ( provides environmental data information disclosure and open data, i.e. air quality, drinking water, and pollutant emissions.

Resources and Environment, Chinese Academy of Science Data Center (

CAS Data Cloud (

China Seismological Bureau Enviornment database (

National Earth System Science database (

National Meteorological (

Shenzhen Meteorological Data Network (

Media support:
Full Media School ( WeChat ID: qq_qmp), Tencent's micro-channel public platform to connect the media sector and are at the forefront of data mining tools.

Hedgehog Commune (WeChat ID : ciweigongshe), " is provide depth observation and research of media trends.

Global Investigative Journalism Network (WeChat ID : gijn_cn, Weibo ID : @ global network depth reports , website : dedicated to the integration and sharing of resources, depth of coverage , international public databases, and data tools.

Baidu News Laboratory (WeChat ID: BaiduNewsLab) is Baidu 's journalism education and exchange platform. Focused on "Connecting Technology and Communication ".

RUC news Square (WeChat ID : rendaxinwenxi),  is Renmin University’s School of Journalism’s news channel. A student-run news channel that provides news for domestic and international audiences.

Big Data Digest (WeChat ID : BigDataDigest), "is one of the most influential platform of big data exchanges and useful information.

Data Scientist Union (WeChat ID: DataScientistUnion), is an open data science community, focusing on the promotion and application of data science, we would like to become Whampoa Military Academy for "data scientists". We firmly believe that "data contains value". For now we are one of the most active data science community in China, we aim to become the bridge connecting enterprises, universities, governments and technical persons.

Please direct all inquiries to    







    本次比赛共评出一等奖1个,奖金7000元,二等奖2个,每个奖金5000元;三等奖3个,每个奖金3000元。获奖作品将被推荐给高校数据新闻教学作为案例使用。入围者将被邀请参加2016年4月在复旦大学召开的的媒体教育联盟( MEC )会议,获奖者将被邀请在会上介绍作品。获奖者可报销最高3千元的差旅费用。

• 资格:
o 可单人或组队参赛,允许在校生和教师或社会工作人员组队,但每队必须至少有一名在校生(全脱产本科生或研究生)承担主要工作。
o 专业不限、职业不限。
o 不接受已参加过其他比赛并获奖的作品参赛(校内或单位内部比赛除外)。
• 主题:参赛作品主题为环境。
• 形式:
o 参赛作品形式包括图片、网页或视频,但必须体现出数据新闻的特点。
o 信息图格式为JPG、GIF或PNG;
o 视频解析度不低于720P,可通过视频网站分享,也可提交视频文件;视频格式为MKV、MOV或MP4,不要用未压缩的TS或MPEG2等;
• 提交方式:
o 必须提交英文摘要,参赛作品可以用中文或者英文
o 图片作品以电子邮件附件方式提交。
o 网页作品放置在网上并通过邮件提交网址,或将网页文件以附件方式用邮件提交。
o 视频作品提交到视频网站分享,也可以电子邮件附件或网盘方式提交,但由于网络情况多变,组委会不保证能接收到所有以网盘方式提交的作品。
• 参赛作品评选标准详情请见下一页
• 请提交作品到     截止日期为 2016年3月25日,恕不接受逾期报名


翟杰霞博士是中美教育基金发展与项目开发负责人,同时也是美国乔治梅森大学亚太经济合作中心的研究教授。在加入中美教育基金之前,翟博士就职于华盛顿的智库Institute for Global Engagement负责东亚地区的项目管理,并担任《信仰与国际事务评论》杂志的客约编辑。在来到华盛顿之前,翟博士在迈阿密大学 (Miami University)的社会学系和亚洲与亚裔研究系担任助理教授, 带领亚洲和全球化相关的课程。她曾在美国的多家学术季刊发表文章, 其学术领域包括移民研究、东亚社会、宗教、以及中美关系。翟博士在北京大学获得社会学与法律学士学位,并在美国德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校获得社会学硕士和博士学位。


数据新闻网(, 数据新闻网是唯一以数据新闻为主题的中文信息平台,以引介全球范围内最顶尖的数据新闻实践为初衷,以推动华文地区数据开放及媒体革新为宗旨,提供深入的海内外作品剖析、新鲜的业界动态、实用的教程工具、全面的奖学金及工作机会,以及线下的活动与交流。
上海青悦环保(,致力于中国环境信息公开与数据开放,已经对外提供空气质量,天气,地表水,饮用水,污染源排放 等多种环境数据的服务,已为国内外超过300家机构提供了服务。
中国科学院资源环境科学数据中心 (
中国科学院的数据云 (
中国地震局的大陆地壳应力环境数据库 (
国家地球系统科学数据库 (
国家气象 (
深圳气象数据网 (







问题:         如有任何疑问请联系      


Previous Competitions:

In 2014, The US-China Education Trust announced the launch of the first Data Journalism Competition and Awards, in China. Through data analysis and the utilization of data visualization, students were asked to examine an issue related to the competition topic. The competition was open to university students of all levels and disciplines. Winning entries were be awarded 4500 RMB and were recommended for inclusion to data journalism curricula at selected universities. Winners presented their stories at the 2015 Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference. This competition was held in two rounds from 2014-2015.


Round I: Balancing Social Trust and Innovation in China's Contemporary Society

The first round of competition was completed in December 2014. The winners have been selected and you can read more about the results and winning submission HERE


Round II: China Goes Global: Local and International Impact

The second round of the Data Journalism Competition concluded in May 2015. Visit HERE to read about the contest results and to view the winning project


Competition Award Ceremony

On June 12, the winners of both the first and second rounds of the Data Journalism Competition were recognized and celebrated at the Data Journalism Awards Lecture & Ceremony, hosted by the Communication University of China in Beijing. For more information about the ceremony, click HERE.


USCET would like to offer a special thank you to all who participated in the contest!



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