Meet the USCET-TFAS Fellows


The USCET-TFAS Fellows program continues to attract exceptional applicants, and participants have found the program to be challenging and eye-opening. 

Summer 2012 Fellows

  • CHEN Xinying graduated this year with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in International Law from Northeastern University in Shenyang, China. As an undergraduate, Xinying served as a volunteer teacher for orphans and mentally-handicapped children, worked on campus AIDS prevention, and founded Model UN at her university. She is participating in the TFAS Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service (IPVS). 
  • LI Huimin just completed her third year of undergraduate study at Renmin University. A journalism and communications major, she has worked as a journalist and researcher, and supplements work and school with educational community volunteer activities. She is participating in the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems (ICPES) and interning with USCET.  
  • LI Nan will begin the second year of her Master's program in English Language and Literature at Sichuan Normal University after participating in the TFAS Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service (IPVS). She has an extensive background in volunteerism and applied to the fellowship program eager to make a direct impact in Washington, DC through a community service-oriented internship.
  • ZHOU Zongmin is a rising senior in the Broadcast Journalism program at Shanghai International Studies University. He is an accomplished blogger and aspiring political journalist. He is participating in the Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ), a program which will prepare him well for his aspiring career in political journalism.




2011 IPJ Fellow Cecily Deng at her
internship with WUSA 9 News


2011 IPVS Fellow Sandra Qin interned at
DC non-profit Asian American Lead


2010 Fellow Eva Zhao celebrates the
Fourth of July in DC



 2009 Fellow Li Wencong enjoys a
Washington Nationals baseball game.


 Cap Hill

 2009 Fellow Peter Cui visits the U.S.
Capitol Bulding.



"I've learned a lot form the classes, be it the unique American teaching style or the impacts some of the philosophical ideas have on my life attitude in some aspects. My ultimate career goal is to have my own non-profit organization that would help reduce the illiteracy rate in China. Your scholarship will assist me in many ways as I pursue my educational and career goals. I am extremely grateful for your support. Thank you for your gift and the "immeasurable" impact it has had on me." - Cindy Jin, 2009 Fellow, Northeastern University


 "The eight weeks with USCET-TFAS in Washington D.C. was a perfect summer experience, which really opened my eyes to how vital the political process is to business. I gained more experience and knowledge of the U.S. business and political system in just two months than I did in many years of college! Through classes, I have not only increased my knowledge of the American political landscape, but I have also developed a deeper sense of ethics, power and leadership to make a difference. Meanwhile, my internship at Schering Plough provided me with the resources to understand the relationship between business and government, and also the skill sets on research and reporting, which I will carry over into the  rest of my professional life." -Qi Xin (George) 2008 USCET-TFAS Fellow, Beijing Foreign Studies University

"Sitting in an all-American-student classroom and having discussions with my classmates gave me a better understanding of American culture. During my internships at Chinapress and VOA, I learned to do interviews and write reports. Reading my own published work is a real satisfying experience. After site briefings on Capitol Hill, the White House and the State Department, I learned more about the operation of American government and did more thinking about the relationship between China and US, as well as China and the western world. These experiences have enabled me to see the world, and especially China, from a different perspective." - SHEN Chen, 2008 USCET-TFAS Fellow, Fudan University

"The Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems (ICPES) has substantially raised my consciousness on politics, especially international relations. The professor of International Policy and the lecturers from the Department of State all claimed and elaborated on the extreme importance of the US-China relation in the 21st century, and I am fascinated and eager to be engaged in this huge project later in my life. In addition, I have benefited enormously from the Mentor Program. USCET and TFAS matched me and my mentor through a survey, and Alexandra Stroud, who works for a prestigious real estate company in DC, became my mentor. As I wish to find a job in Finance, she tried her best to help me - guided me on a visit to her company; introduced me to people who previously worked for Morgan Stanley and also entry-level analysts from Wharton. Additionally, she also spared time to have dinner and talk with me about my career planning. The help from insiders of the industry was thoroughly useful." - AN Qi, 2008 USCET-TFAS Fellow, Tsinghua University

USCET and TFAS congratulate the USCET-TFAS Fellows for their outstanding accomplishments to date, and for their potential to contribute to US-China relations in the future.

2011 Fellows

YING Wenjie (Mandy), Sun Yat-sen University, Political Science
DENG Ran (Cecily), Tsinghua University, International Journalism 
QIN Xueyuan (Sandra), American Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University 

2010 Fellows

  • WANG Zhuo (Sophia), Shanghai International Studies University, American Studies
  • ZHAO Xinyan (Eva), Hong Kong Baptist University, Journalism

2009 Fellows

  • JIN Di (Cindy), Northeastern University, American Literature
  • LI Wencong, Beijing Foreign Studies University, American Studies
  • CUI Xinyu (Peter), Peking University, International Communications and Journalism



2008 Fellows

  • Qi Xin (George), Beijing Foreign Studies University, English Language and Literature
  • SHEN Chen (Martin), Fudan University, Management and Business Administration
  • AN Qi (Miranda), B.A.,Tsinghua University, Finance

2007 Fellows

  • Xiaoran Lu, Beijing Foreign Studies University, American Studies
  • Yong Feng, Fudan University, World Economy
  • Chao Xie,  Beijing Foreign Studies University, American Studies
  • Yi Song: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Law and English Literature

2006 Fellows

  • Li Yang, Renmin University, Finance
  • Jia Liu, Zhejiang University, Economics
  • Yinjie Wang, Beijing Foreign Studies University, American Studies


2005 Fellows

  • Zhe Richard Zhang, Tsinghua University, Economics
  • Chen Yun: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Communications
  • Du Juan: Xi'an Jiaotong University, English Language and Culture
  • Jing Wang: Beijing Foreign Studies University, American Studies


2004 Fellows

  • Jipei Zhang: Carleton College, Economics
  • Zheng Yin: University of Hong Kong, Economics and Finance
  • Hua Chai: Fudan University, Economics

2003 Fellows

  • Jenny Han: Fudan University, Finance
  • Jessie Xue: Fudan University, Law

2002 Fellows

  • Huiping Liu: Johns Hopkins University, American Politics and International Relations
  • Qing Xia: Brigham Young University, Economics/Computer Science
  • Ying Lin: University of Washington, Comparative Politics/Political Economy/Public Law