USCET Launches China Opportunity Scholarship Program at the Agricultural University of Hebei

September 22, 2011


USCET President Julia Chang Bloch and Director of Operations Stephen Smith visited Baoding, Hebei to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Agricultural University of Hebei.  According to the MOU, USCET will sponsor scholarships for five students each year.  Each student will receive a scholarship for their first two years of school.

The China Opportunity Scholarshop Program joins the Greenberg/Starr Scholarship Program in providing scholarships to impoverished Chinese university students.  USCET hopes to expand the China Opportunity Scholarships to universities throughout China.

USCET thanks Pauline Tsui and the Ruth Kuo and Rhoda How Memorial Foundation, whose funding made this program possible.



USCET主席张之香大使与运营总监Stephen Smith来到河北保定,与河北农业大学签订合作备忘录。USCET将每年赞助五名学生。每名学生将会在大一大二两年中获得奖学金。


USCET感谢Pauline Tsui和Ruth Kuo和Rhoda How纪念基金会为本项目提供赞助。