New Interview featuring USCET President Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch

February 23, 2012


Watch a recent CRI interview featuring Amb. Bloch and her opinions about the current state of US-China relations.

February 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of US president Richard Nixon's groundbreaking trip to China in 1972. It's a time many people are evaluating the current state of relations between the two countries. As America's first ever Chinese-American Ambassador and head of a US-China education exchange programme, Julia Chang Bloch is perhaps uniquely positioned to comment on this issue. Dominic Swire recently caught up with her in Washington DC.




2012年2月是美国总统理查德·尼克森访问中国的40周年纪念日。此时此刻,人们都在评估中美之间的关系。作为美国首个华人大使以及中美教育交流项目的主席,张之香大使将从她特殊的视点发表评价。记者Dominic Swire在首都华盛顿采访了她。