Elections Expert Briefing at Chinese Embassy

November 1, 2012


USCET held an elections expert briefing - featuring Dr. James Thurber of American University, Dr. Bill Schneider of Third Way, and Mr. James Grimaldi of the Wall Street Journal - at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC on Thursday, October 25, 2012. Minister-Counselor Liu Weimin opened the event to a room of almost 100 Chinese dignitaries and officials, including Ambassador Zhang Yesui and his wife, Ambassador Chen Naiqing.


The experts spoke on several topics related to the 2012 presidential election and US politics in general. Dr. Schneider drew on his decades of experience as a political analyst at CNN and began the briefing with a discussion on the division in US politics and driving factors behind that division. He spoke candidly about partisanship in both the current and previous administrations and elections, and touched on how the 1960s continue to affect politics today. Dr. Thurber continued the conversation with a speech about the Obama administration, Congressional elections, and US policy after 2012. He shared his views on the 2012 presidential candidates' policies and campaign promises, focusing particularly on issues of interest in China. Mr. Grimaldi concluded the briefing with a presentation on the role of investigative reporting on US elections and political candidates. He connected with the audience over campaign finance topics and candidate background investigations. 


The audience members were brimming with multi-part questions. Topics included China being labeled as a currency manipulator, the electoral college system, legitimacy of candidate campaign promises, lobbyist Jack Abramoff's new book on his corruption scandal, the new voting and registration laws, and question of whether America's system is a true democracy.

USCET was pleased to facilitate this elections expert briefing and thanks our distinguished speakers for generously lending their time and expertise. Dr. Thurber, Dr. Schneider, and Mr. Grimaldi will all be participating in several of USCET's November/December 2012 China programs, including the MEC Conference at SISU and ASN Conference at BFSU. Please see files below for more information about upcoming programs and our distinguished speakers.

From left: Dr. James Thurber, Mr. James Grimaldi, Ambasasdor Zhang Yesui, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, Ambassador Chen Naiqing, Dr. Bill Schneider



2012年10月25日星期四,USCET在位于首都华盛顿的中国大使馆举办了一场由美国大学教授James Thurber、第三条道路的Bill Schneider博士和华尔街日报的James Grimaldi三为竞选专家主持的简报。刘为民参赞为会议致辞开幕,百余名中国政要与官员参加了此次会议,包括张业遂大使及其夫人、陈乃清大使等人。





观众满腹疑问。会议主题包括中国被列为货币操纵者、选举人团制度、候选承诺的合法性、说课杰克·阿布拉莫夫(Jack Abramoff)关于自身腐败丑闻的新书、新的投票和登记法、以及美国制度是否真正民主等。




从左到右: James Thurber教授、James Grimaldi、张业遂大使、张之香大使、陈乃清大使, Bill Schneider博士