CLAS Summer Institute Press Release

July 14, 2015

From July 13-30, 2015, USCET hosted the inaugural class of fellows in the Chinese Leaders in American Studies (CLAS) Summer Institute on American Social History and Policy at the Meridian International Center in Washington, DC.

 “As we welcome these exceptional young scholars to the US, we are excited to be partnering with Peking University to nurture the next generation of China’s America experts, to build mutual understanding and trust in the most important bilateral relationship in the world today,” said Julia Chang Bloch, President of USCET.

 Ten Chinese scholars, eight women and two men, attended the three-week program. This Institute is designed to help young Chinese scholars understand a wide range of American social history and policy, including the Civil War, World War II, the Vietnam War, Civil Rights and women’s movements. American academics, representatives of the government, directors of non-profit agencies, and activists offered ten seminars tracing the historical origins of each issue, and the ramifications of each today. 

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2015年7月13日至30日,USCET举办的中美学生领袖交流项目(Chinese Leaders in American Sutides,CLAS)美国社会历史与政策研究暑期研究班在位于华盛顿DC的子午线国际中心拉开了序幕。



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