China Daily Profiles USCET President Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch

September 23, 2011


China Daily reporter Tan Yingzi interviewed Ambassador Bloch at the conclusion of USCET's Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy for East Asian Leaders and wrote up a profile called "In Education We Trust," appearing in the "People" section of both the China Daily USA and the China Daily Weekend Edition in China.

Excerpt from the article:

Starting from lecturing at Beida, Bloch has been devoted to developing the local capacity of American studies on Chinese campuses, which she believes can be more sustainable than by hiring American teachers. So far, USCET's American Studies Network is working with about 50 academic institutions in China and it also holds an annual meeting for members to exchange ideas and experiences in teaching about America.

This month, USCET will partner with Beijing University of Foreign Studies to carry out a faculty training program which aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Chinese professors who teach American Studies.

In China, the Ministry of Education requires that all the universities and colleges that provide English language majors must teach American Studies, which means almost every higher education institution in China teaches about America.

"American Studies is quite popular on Chinese campuses, but their quality varies and it is still developing," she says.

She finds that China's American Studies is strong in instructing about US-China relations, or the political side, but inadequate in social and cultural areas.

"You cannot understand US-China relations if you don't really understand America," she says.