Changing Media, Changing China Conference to be held at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou December 12-14, 2011

September 15, 2011


Led by Professor Susan Shirk, a leading China-scholar, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for EAP and editor of the recently published Changing Media, Changing China and Hu Shuli,editor of Caixin magazine, the conference will focus on how the commercialization of the media and growth of the Internet have changed China over the last 30 years. The conference will discuss these changes in the particular realms of environment, governance and law, business and finance, and social issues.  Other speakers include David Schlesinger, Chairman of Thomson Reuters China; Ying Chan, Director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong; Susan Lawrence, Congressional Research Service; Melanie Hart, Center for American Progress; and Katherine Wilhelm, Professor, Columbia School of Law.



美国著名中国专家、前国务院东亚太平洋事务副助理国务卿、《媒体之变,中国之变》的编者,谢淑丽(Susan Shirk)教授,协同财新传媒主编,胡舒立女士将出席会议。会议将围绕近20年内的媒体商业化和专业化,及互联网发展对中国产生的影响的主题,从环境、管理与法律、商业与金融、社会问题等领域展开探讨。汤森路透(中国)主席,史进德(David Schlesinger)先生、香港大学新闻及传播研究中心总监,陈婉莹女士、国会研究服务部的Susan Lawrence女士、美国进步中心的Melanie Hart女士、以及耶鲁大学法学院中国法律中心北京办事处的Katherine Wilhelm女士也将出席会议。